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Get Organized!

Enjoy Your Clutter-Free Space

What We Do

At KOAT Home Help, we create Better Spaces. We turn your cluttered masses into a place of serenity with our thoughtful organization. We specialize in using what you already have to get great results that please you and your family.

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Organizing & Decluttering

Are your possessions holding you back from an better quality of life? Let KOAT relieve the burden of the material chaos that surrounds you. We use our organizing skills and empathetic nature to take a sympathetic approach to lifting the weight of your belongings to create a better space in your life.

Donation Boxes

Rehoming Your Items

We get it. You've invested time, money, and resources into your stuff. Lots of it is still very good stuff! But when it no longer serves a purpose in your life, it can still serve others. With our multitude of contacts and channels for second-hand goods, KOAT is happy to rehome your once-treasured items.

Empty Shelves


From a flat box to a finished piece, KOAT will skillfully assemble your furniture on site. We cover all kinds of furniture, from Amazon to IKEA to Pottery Barn to Wayfair, and everywhere in between.

See What Our Clients Say

"Kurt was outstanding in every way. He has the mind and skills for organizing and making your life easier. He also did a little carpentry for me which was extremely helpful - wish he could move in. And he is tall which is a definite plus! I continue to hire him because I know he is reliable, professional, always on time, knowledgeable and really knows what he's doing with confidence. I personally feel confident when he walks in that I hired the right person. I am moving soon and Kurt is going to help me purchase and put up shelving in various areas of the house. Do not hesitate for a moment on hiring him."

Lisa P., Business and Home Owner in Lowell, NJ

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